FAQ on Article Sharing

Welcome to Answers Mode

We are getting a lot of questions from our subscribers About Answers Mode Article. For this I have created this page “FAQ on Article Sharing“. Here are some common questions form our subscribers. If you do not find your questions or answer here, Feel free to ask here.

Can I submit the posts which are illegal to the State or Religion?

No, you cannot post any questions or article which goes against any state or religion. Don’t post any article which is illegal to any Religion or Any State. Your post must be submitted for the betterment of the public.

What is Answers Mode Article?

Answers Mode is a knowledge-sharing website. Here you can share your knowledge with others easily.

Can I publish Ads here?

Yes, you can. To publish an ads contact us

Do you sell any physical products?

No, We do not sell any physical products. But you may find some physical products ads here. So we are not responsible for any kind of physical products risk.

If my company’s information share anyone, Can I claim?

Sure, We are very strict with our policy to maintain our website. We will take action soon.