Google’s Non-Disclosure Agreement with Answers Mode

Hello, We have accepted the terms and conditions presented in Google’s Non-Disclosure Agreement on 2018-09-24 18:57:30. So we will not publish any questions or Answer or article which violets this  NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. So I want help from all subscribers, members, authors, and moderators so that they respect our policy. If we […]

We will not publish any advertisement in our website

Hello, What you need to know before ask any question. Our moderators are deleting a lot of questions every day because they are posting ads like this.     From now on, We will not publish any advertisement in our website on question and answer. Because we have created this website […]

Answers Mode Support Number

We love to hear from you and always try to solve your problems. please send your complain, advice, or you can contact us at any time by using our website, email, or contact number. We respect your advice, opinion or any kind comments. Please use this form below to contact us. I […]

Why do we moderate question and answer?

We moderate every question and answer because every day people are trying to spamming and writing everything for their own business purpose. We have created this website only for help to others by proving correct information.  We have created this website not for business. for this, we have created terms […]

Why my question not approved or published by Answers Mode moderation team?

We often get one question, Why my question is not approved by Answers Mode moderation team? and Why my posted question has been deleted by the moderation team? On regarding your question I am trying to answer. Please read this answers attentively and try to follow all the instructions. if you follow […]

How do I write Answer Correctly in Answers Mode?

Most of the people are coming in this website for looking up their desired information. And we are always trying to provide 100% correct answer or information. Because if we can ensure the correct answer and information, then they will be benefitted from this website and they will get their […]

Can I control my content? How?

Yes, You can control your content. You can post, edit and delete your content at any time. You can post, edit and delete your content from your control panel. You can ask questions, answer a question, post a comment on a questions, answer or any blog post of Answer Mode. […]

How can I control who can see my content on the Answers Mode?

When you will published something on Answers Mode, That means you published for the people. All people will see your content. Answers Modes’s mission is to share your knowledge all over the world. Answers Mode is a platform to share the things you know with everyone, enabling people from all over […]

Can I post things anonymously on the Answers Mode?

No, You can not post things anonymously on the Answers Mode because currently we are not receiving any anonymous things. If we decide to accept anonymous things/content from our member in future then we will notify you by this email and we will publish a notice in our social media pages. All […]

Does Answers Mode sell my personal data to third parties for marketing purposes?

No. Answers Mode does not sell any members personal data for marketing – such as your name and contact information – to third parties to use. In the cases where we share data with advertisers and other partners, it’s aggregated to protect your privacy. For more information regarding how Answers […]