Why my question not approved or published by Answers Mode moderation team?

We often get one question, Why my question is not approved by Answers Mode moderation team? and Why my posted question has been deleted by the moderation team?

On regarding your question I am trying to answer. Please read this answers attentively and try to follow all the instructions. if you follow all instructions then your question never be deleted.

Your question was deleted because – 

  • You did not use the question mark (?) at the end of your question.
  • You have tried to ask questions for advertisement purpose.
  • You have tried to post an unnecessary external link. (External Link Policy)
  • You have posted direct link not anchor text. (direct link is not allowed as – https://www.linkworld.us. Post link like this Link World )
  • Your question was duplicate. That means the question you have asked, was previously published on this website.


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