I cannot submit my article on Answers Mode Bog. Showing error message.

I cannot submit my article on Answers Mode Bog. Showing error message.

You have failed to submit article following reason:

  1. You have tried to write less than 2 words or more than 20 words in your article title. Remember: You cannot write less than 2 words and more than 20 words title of your article.
  2. You have tried to write your content/article less than 1000 words. Remember: we are not accepting less than 1000 words content/article.
  3.  You have tried to post more than 2 links in your article. Remember: we are not accepting more than 2 links in an article.
  4. You have forgotten to upload thumbnail image. Remember you cannot submit an article without submitting a thumbnail image.
  5. You forget to select the right category. Remember you cannot submit any article without select the correct category for your article.
  6. You did not write any tag for your article or you have written less than 3 tags or you have written more than five tags for your article. Remember: you can write minimum 3 tags and maximum 5 tags for a article. you can not submit any article without writing any tags.


You have made any of these mistakes in your article. for this, you have failed to submit your article.  Please recheck your article. If you think that none of this problem has occurred on your article then Submit again.

Hope, of course, you will be able to submit your article.  if you face any problem till now then contact us

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