How do I write Answer Correctly in Answers Mode?

Most of the people are coming in this website for looking up their desired information. And we are always trying to provide 100% correct answer or information. Because if we can ensure the correct answer and information, then they will be benefitted from this website and they will get their useful information.

On the other hand, if they found wrong information from this website, then they will be suffering from for that information or answer. And we all know that wrong information is always harmful. So we do not want to harm or hurt anyone.

Remember, wrong information is always harmful.


For this Answers Mode want to ensure 100% correct information and such information that user will not suffer any kind of hassle for us.


How do I write Answer Correctly in Answers Mode?


To do this we have created a few easy rules and terms and condition for you. which you must follow –

Please try to follow this steps to write your answer correctly in

  • Read the question very carefully and attentively and try to understand the questions tropics.
  • Write Answer, if you have enough knowledge about that question.
  • Do not write answer, if you do not have enough knowledge about the questions tropics. You do not need to write an answer but do not write any wrong answer or information.
  • Do not write any answer which is not relevant to the question. So write the correct answer.
  • Do not post harmful link on your answer that user or users computer will be affected.
  • Do not post link without anchor text. (Follow this instruction: WriteLink World This is an anchor text. But Do not Write: , This kind of link is not allowed)
  • Do not post harmful short link. maintain our external link policy.
  • Write your full answer in the answer section. Do not write your short answer and read more for details.
  • Do not try to post such link which redirects to advertisement page.


Why your answer not published? or Why your answer was deleted by the moderation team? 

Your answer may deleted from this following reasion:

Out team has detected that, 

  • your answer is not relevant to the question.
  • You have the write incorrect answer.
  • You did not write the full answer.
  • You have written a short answer and read more for details.
  • You have posted a harmful link on your answer. which may harm users computer.
  • You have tried to post a link without anchor text.
  • You have tried to write your answer without understanding.
  • You have tried to post an unnecessary link.
  • You have tried to post such a link that redirects advertisement page.


Thanks for understanding. if you have anything to say, please contact us.

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