How do I Change my Answers Mode Password?

Please follow the instructions below to change your password:

  1. Go to
  2. First sign in your account by your Existing ID & Password
  3. After Successful Log in click on your display name
  4. Click on User Settings from top of the right corners Display Name. (You will get a popup box for your Profile Edit)
  5. Click on Change Password (You will get option for password change) 
  6. Now in the first box, Enter your existing or current password.
  7. In second box, Enter your New password (You should use 8 character log and strong password)
  8. In third box, Enter your New password again and click on changed password button.

Now all you have finished and you have successfully changed your password. You should not share your password to anyone.

For more please watch this video: 

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