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To maintenance and decorate perfectly your favorite website Answers Mode formally known as “ITInfoWorld.org Answers”, we have created some terms and condition and Privacy Policy for all subscriber, authors, moderators and admin. All subscriber, authors, moderators, and admin will follow the terms and condition and Privacy Policy.

If you want to post a link to your business or product or website, you must follow this terms and condition. If you do not follow this terms, your link will not be published on our website Answers Mode.

You can post a link to your website’s article, blog’s post, product and source link in Answers Mode by following the External Link Policy of Answers Mode.


Website link (Blog’s article)

You can post a word’s link by anchor text in such a way that people can know the detail information of the desired word. Remember, you cannot post your websites homepage URL in any keyword.

For example:

If you want to post a link to the keyword “information” then you need to post this link – http://itinfoworld.com/information/ (If you link to your website’s article this way then people will find your article and read.)

But you cannot post this websites homepage URL like this – http://itinfoworld.com/. Because if you link to your homepage URL, then people will not find your post, they will get your website which is not useful for the general user.

For Example: 

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_drink (Correct article link)
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/ (Incorrect because it is a homepage link) 



Product Link

You can use a product link in your answer or question (Your own product or Amazon affiliate product) if you use a products name on your question or answer. But remember you can not use a product link if you use a word on your question or answer.

As for example,

(Here Energy Drink is a word not product. So Here you can post a link which will tell something about the energy drink. As – What is Energy DrinK, How to prepare Energy Drink, etc. You cannot post a specific energy drink link or your websites homepage link here)

Another Example:

  • I like Red Bull energy drink. [Red Bull is an Energy drinks name. Here you can  post this product or this product’s website link.]
  • Do you like Red Bull energy drink? Why?  [You post here Red Bull energy drink’s link because this word says specific product.]

[You post here a specific energy drink’s link because this is a product’s name, not a word. Here you can post your red bull websites link or Amazon affiliate link or direct product link]


Source Link
If you want to post a source link in your questions or answers, you can write thus:
Source: Internet Wikipedia
Write the word “Source” and use “anchor text” on it so that if a person clicks on the source, then the person will reach the source link to get details information.

Example: Source

Or write “Click here to get Main Source

How to post source Link in answers mode?


If you want to use any short link then you must use Google Short URL or Amazon Product Link Short URL. Otherwise, your link will not approve in our website.

Click here if you want to shorten your URL by using Google URL Shortener.

Example of Google Short URL: A History of the Information Machine (The Sloan Technology Series) 3rd Edition [Here I have use anchor text in “A History of the Information Machine”  which Google Shot URL is: https://goo.gl/Jmnmgt]

Example of Amazon Short URL:  A History of Film (7th Edition)  [I have use anchor text in “A History of Film (7th Edition)” which amazon short URL is: http://amzn.to/2gLUgsr]

Click here to know – Why we need to use short URL

Thanks for understanding our Use of External URL/Link Policy. If you have more questions about Use of External URL/Link Policy of Answers Mode or Contact us, Click here.

Thanks for being with answers mode.

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