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Q: Can I ask any questions or participate any answers without registrations?
A: No, you cannot ask any questions or participate any answers without registrations. To ask a questions or post a answers, you must register and verify your email address.

Q: Can I post a affiliate link in my question descriptions or answer?
A: This questions answers website was made only for help and educative purpose of general people. So you cannot use this site for your commercial purpose. So you cannot post any affiliate link in your questions or answers or any article.

Q: Can I submit the posts which are illegal to the State or Religion?
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Q: Can I use the link of Sexual website or pages in my questions or Answers description?
A: No, you cannot. Do not write porn related questions or answers otherwise, you will be permanently banned.

Q: Can I use any short link for my blog or website?
A: No, you are not permitted to post any short link to any questions or answers. Do not use any short link. You must use the completed link.

Q: Have any language restrict to ask questions and answers or I can use in my own language?
A: Your questions and answers must be written in the English Language. Do not use another language without English.

Q: Who can post a comment?
A: Only registered member can post their valuable comment here. Anonymous comment is not allowed here. Learn more why the anonymous comment is not allowed here?

Q: Can I use username as I like?
A: No, here is some obligation. You can use your username as you wish but you can not use any sexual word as your username Learn more.